X-Rite Pantone Sponsors ArtPrize Eight

ArtPrize®, the nation’s largest art competition, begins today. As a leadership sponsor and a proud Grand Rapids-based company, we are honored to contribute to this creative and inspiring community event.

ArtPrize attracts artists from around the world who use a mix of colors, textures, and substrates to express themselves in unique ways. Their creations, often demonstrating the color challenges that color professionals have in their plants or print shops, are installed indoors and outdoors throughout Grand Rapids venues. ArtPrize then engages the public by including them in the voting process – a concept that has been recognized as the most-attended public art event on the planet by The Art Newspaper, and was recently highlighted in The New York Times’ 52 Places To Go in 2016. The fact that it all takes place just steps away from our world headquarters makes ArtPrize even more special to us.

Guiding attendees to over 170 venues in downtown Grand Rapids, the 2016 Pantone Pathways act as a colorful roadmap for color-loving attendees.

Guiding attendees to over 170 venues in downtown Grand Rapids, the 2016 Pantone Pathways act as a colorful roadmap for color-loving attendees.

Color, a key ingredient in art, creates both conscious and subconscious emotional connections. It affects how we select the products we buy, the foods we eat, and the even the venues we frequent. As the global leader in the art and science of color, it’s our responsibility to deconstruct this connection so we can understand how color (or the lack of) inspires us.

Every day we help artists, designers, brand owners, and manufacturers define and control color. From our presence at the largest printing equipment exhibition in the world, Drupa, to our upcoming involvement the world’s premier fair for the plastics and rubber industry, K 2016, we’ve had the opportunity to present our leading innovations to many countries and industries.

As a sponsor of ArtPrize Eight, we’re thrilled to share how this passion for color extends further than tradeshows and office walls. We’ll be on the scene, offering fun ways to inspire and explore the role color plays in YOUR life.

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i1iSis 2 wins Printing News Readers’ Choice Award!

top-products-logo-2016Each year Printing News asks their readers which new products made the most difference in their productivity. We’re excited to announce that our very own i1iSis 2 and i1iSis 2 XL are among the winners!

These two automated chart readers are the latest members of the popular i1iSis solutions family for pre-press, pre-media, photo, and pressroom color management and profiling.

i1iSis 2 and i1iSis 2 XL

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Color Measurement 201

Which Color is the Hardest to Control?

Spectrophotometers are instruments that measure color. Manufacturers use them in every industry where accurate color is important, from paint and plastics to textiles, packaging, and even food. The data captured by spectros allow designers, brand owners, manufacturers, and quality control professionals to precisely communicate color and ensure it stays accurate throughout production.

Sometimes I’m asked which color is the hardest to measure and control. Can you guess what it is?


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Color Measurement 101

Even graffiti removal needs a little color measurement

Walking through the streets of Los Angeles, it’s no secret that graffiti is a huge problem. According to LA Weekly, graffiti-removal requests have increased by 64 percent in the last five years. City Administrative Officer Miguel Santana says that by June the Board of Public Works had already recorded 141,000 requests for the 2015-16 fiscal year, compared to 86,000 in 2010-11.

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Graffiti a big problem that is continuing to grow, but color measurement solutions from X-Rite are helping.

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Looking for increased productivity on press?

As the range of substrates, inks, and printing technologies has expanded, so has the challenge of maintaining color quality. A workflow based on digital standards is the easiest way to achieve accuracy and consistency across shifts and sites, regardless of production requirements. Adding a quality control solution like ColorCert® to your workflow can boost your bottom line even more.

ColorCert provides specific modules focused on each part of the workflow, helping flexo, gravure, and offset printers remove subjectivity, analyze data, and deliver increased productivity for the packaging industry.

Today we’re highlighting how ColorCert is helping UK-based Ultimate Packaging create a more efficient ink kitchen, improve premedia, produce fewer proofs, enhance customer relationships, and achieve an amazing 200% improvement in quality.

ColorCert ScoreCard Dashboard

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Color Measurement 201

The Secret Life of Colorful Food

There’s been a lot of research around the role color plays in how we expect food to taste. The fact is, we judge flavor by the color of the food or drink, even before the first taste. We expect red foods to taste sweet like strawberries or cherries. White should taste like vanilla, and green is probably limey and tart or minty. Color cues can even determine whether we take that first bite. On the wrong food, like mashed potatoes or pumpkin pie, most of us won’t try green at all!

Green Pumpkin Pie

In the heat of summer – when a sweet, refreshing treat is all that’s on your mind – would you buy a brand of ice cream if the cartons on the shelf are off-color? The Algida ice cream factory in Corlu, northwestern Turkey, knows the likely answer is no. That’s why they came to us for help tightening their process control, so that each batch not only tastes great, but has uniform color.

As you can imagine, the color of ice cream – or any food for that matter – is not the easiest thing to measure. Here are the top four things manufacturers must consider when measuring food, and how X-Rite solutions can help.

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“Meet our Color Experts” Series… Tim Mouw

Tim Mouw is our Manager of Applications Engineering & Technical Support for the Americas. Tim is so knowledgeable about the impact of color in many industries, and his stories always intrigue us.

Tim has authored many X-Rite Pantone blogs, including:

Mouw_TimWhat is metamerism, and why should you care?

Effective ways to measure reflective surfaces

What’s sabotaging your sustainability efforts?

5 color evaluation pitfalls to avoid

Why is controlling color so hard?

We recently sat down with him to learn more about his background in color and his insights about helping our customers control it.

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Color 101

Interesting Things our Customers Measure with Spectros

Whether it’s using Munsell Color Standards or one of our many color measurement devices, X-Rite helps manufacturers around the world achieve accurate color. We talked to our support team to learn about some of the most interesting ways people have used our equipment to measure and control color. From archeologists to fur traders and gastroenterologists, here are a few of our favorites.

In 2014, the city of Los Angeles used one of our handheld spectrophotometers to help remove more than 37 million square feet of graffiti. Instead of chipping a paint sample to take to the paint supplier or warehouse, contractors measured the color of the background and used the color data to mix the perfect color to repaint the surface.

LA Graffiti

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Color Measurement 201

Color management… for prosthetics? You bet.

For many of us, fun in the sun can lead to a summertime tan. The science behind this sun + skin interaction is melanin, a skin pigment our body releases to block the UV rays found in sunlight. The more time we spend in the sun, the more melanin is released, and the darker (or more freckled) our skin becomes.

This shift in skin tone doesn’t matter for most people, but for prosthetic wearers even a slight change can be a big deal. Here’s how Royal Preston hospital in the United Kingdom is using color management to ensure their patients’ prosthetics match, regardless of the color of their skin.

Can you see this man’s facial prosthesis? The color is so perfectly matched that it looks completely natural.

Can you see this man’s facial prosthesis? The color is so perfectly matched that it looks completely natural.

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Color Measurement 201

Still reading press sheets manually?

If so, we’d like you to know there’s an easier way.

An upgrade from the original IntelliTrax, IntelliTrax2 is an automated, non-contact scanning system that makes it easy for busy pressrooms to measure color bars and press sheets without the risk of human error. Adding press-side quality control into your color workflow can shorten your makeready, reduce waste, and help you get to optimum color quality fast.

IntelliTrax2 in pressroom

IntelliTrax2 is an ideal color management solution for high-end, high-speed commercial printing and converting operations. Here’s why.

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