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ColorCert® 2.6 includes exciting new features

It’s no secret that attractive packaging sells, and marketers around the world are stepping up their game to stay ahead of the competition. Metallic inks, three-dimensional labels, flow wrap packaging… Although enticing for consumers, these enhancements make it even harder for printers to maintain color quality.

ColorCert®: X-Rite Edition can help by simplifying color communication and ensuring color consistency so that finished products meet specifications. It’s an intuitive, customizable, and robust software package that helps print providers manage their supply chain, ink room, and press room from concept through delivery of finished product.

colorcert 2.6, x-rite colorcert

Coveris Burnley packaging was invited by its client, ASDA, to implement ColorCert: X-Rite Edition in an effort to streamline production.

X-Rite just released version 2.6, which includes an updated interface and great new features. Today we’ll look at why ColorCert is the ultimate choice for statistical process control for printers and packaging converters of all sizes.

ColorCert; X-Rite ColorCert 2.6

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