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Brand Color Lessons from an FMCG Company

What happens when you have more than 2,000 brand colors to manage across a complex global packaging supply chain? Things get complicated!

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Although it may seem easier to create a new color than to dig through databases or binders of color drawdowns to find the closest match, the problem comes later when you’re faced with a huge, unmanageable library.

One of our clients, a well-known fast-moving consumer packaged goods (FMCG) company, understands how easily things can get out of control. They were not only battling time and cost inefficiencies by using a proprietary color library, they lacked standardization for creating, communicating and managing brand colors.

Production was expensive and quality was suffering. They knew things had to change, but they didn’t know where to start. That’s where we came in.

Today we’re sharing their incredible success story.

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Understanding PantoneLIVE Master & Dependent Standards

PantoneLIVE SunChemical LogoIf ensuring color consistency is part of your job description, you’ll want to learn more about PantoneLIVE. Our customers report that it helps them get products to market an average of four times faster!

PantoneLIVE is an end-to-end, digital color communication ecosystem that helps everyone involved in a packaging workflow visualize and communicate color. It shows which colors are achievable, and which are not, across everything from flexible packaging to corrugated board. And, since the digital color data is stored in a secure cloud database, everyone from brand owners through designers and production managers can reference the same digital color data to make informed decisions.

From concept…to production!

From concept…to production!

To fully understand how PantoneLIVE works, you need to know the difference between Master and Dependent Standards… our topic for today.

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A Few of the Unusual Things Our Customers Measure

Our color measurement devices are used by designers, brand owners, formulators, printers, and manufacturers around the world. Ranging from portable handheld devices, to large benchtop instruments, to spectrophotometers mounted inline, they can measure just about anything to help formulate and maintain a perfect color match.

Many of our customers, especially those in the paint industry, are asked to color match some pretty interesting things, and we love to hear about them. We recently asked 40 people the following question:

What is the most unusual thing you or one of your customers has measured? 

Read on for snippets from the interesting, funny, and sometimes gross responses!

Want to measure the color of splattered baby food? No problem with the CAPSURE device! See the rest of the video here.

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Do you offer product personalization?

If not, you should. It’s a booming market, especially around the holidays.

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Our society loves customizing its surroundings. Personalized merchandise preserves memories, and when given as a gift, shows the recipient that you put a lot of thought into the choice. It also creates an emotional bond, and (if done right) encourages brand loyalty.

While the personalized merchandise market used to be dominated by photo books and calendars, advances in technology have opened the door to personalizing a wide range of materials like wood, ceramics, textiles, and glass. Photos can be printed on metal and acrylics and gallery mounted. You can order personalized pillows, mugs, candles, and even smartphone cases. These are all everyday objects that, with the right photo, become extraordinarily special.

It’s not just photos that we love. According to, the global non-photo personalized gifts market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of around 11% by 2020. Analysts have estimated the leading segment will be wearables and accessories, followed closely by decorative accessories and kitchenware.

If you are considering entering the personalized merchandise market, or expanding your current presence, read on for ideas on how to make those endeavors more successful.

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