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inkk: Nail Polish Color, As You Imagined It

When you walk into a salon for a manicure or visit your favorite beauty products store, are you overwhelmed by the number of nail polish colors to choose from, but can’t actually find the color you want? This is a problem Ashley Morgan set out to solve.


Morgan, who has a fine arts degree, has spent the last 15 years designing video games. She’s both creative and tech savvy. “I’m a nail polish advocate, and I don’t mind spending the time choosing a nail polish color,” she says. “But the available colors don’t really mean anything to me. I had the idea that people should be able to not only create their own nail polish colors but give them a meaningful name. But how to go about it?” Continue Reading

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Pay attention to color innovations. It’s important!

From May 31 to June 10, nineteen exhibition halls in Düsseldorf, Germany will come to life for the print industry’s leading global trade fair – drupa. Those who are lucky enough to attend will get to see and experience new color technologies and innovative concepts. X-Rite Pantone will be among the exhibitors, showcasing our latest print and packaging solutions. Since we know not everyone will be able to attend this event, we’ll keep you updated on what’s happening here, on the blog.

Digital model of X-Rite Pantone’s booth at drupa.

Digital model of X-Rite Pantone’s booth at drupa.

Digital color is one of the key innovations that will be highlighted at drupa. Making an impact on your bottom line is only one of the benefits to this technology – buzzwords like, “faster – cheaper – more efficient – less waste” are also becoming easier than ever to attain.

We’ve consulted our color experts to understand the key benefits of moving toward a digital color workflow. Read on learn whether it’s time for you to make the upgrade to better color.

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