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5 Color Evaluation Pitfalls to Avoid

If you work in an industry where color accuracy is important, you know that lighting plays a huge role in how you perceive color.

A light booth is a crucial part of any visual evaluation program. It can help you verify whether the color of your product is acceptable, plus ensure it will remain accurate in every lighting condition after purchase. When parts are manufactured at different factories, a light booth should also be used to make sure they continue to match under any lighting condition once assembled.

Four Lightbooths

This image shows how different colors look under four different lighting conditions: D65, D50, Store and Home.

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2015’s Top 5 Color Management Concerns

January is a popular time for “Top” lists. The Top 100 Songs. The Top 20 News Stories. The Top 50 Travel Destinations.

We’re looking back too, and blog readership is one area we find very interesting. Today we’ll share the Top 5 Posts of 2015, what we think they say about you – our blog readers – and how we plan to continue these popular conversations in 2016.

xrite; xrite pantone; x-rite; x-rite color solutions; x-rite headquarters; x-rite grand rapids

New in 2015: The X-Rite Pantone Customer Center at our corporate headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan is a great place to see our products in action.


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Pantone Certified Printer Q&A with Mark Gundlach

Mark Gundlach is a Solutions Architect with X-Rite Pantone. He visits facilities to assess their current workflow and help them come up with solutions – whether it be training, software or hardware – to improve their productivity and lower their costs. He is also an expert in the Pantone Certified Printer Program.

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 9.58.46 PM

Recently we sat down with him to learn more about the program, and what it takes to become Pantone Certified.

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The impact of trending colors for manufacturers

Pantone®, an X-Rite company, recently announced a pair of complementary shades as its 2016 Color of the Year:  PANTONE 15-3919 Serenity and PANTONE 13-1520 Rose Quartz.

pantone; color of the year; rose quartz; serenity; xrite pantone; color of the year 2016

The PANTONE Color of the Year announcement is always exciting because it sets the stage for upcoming trends. The Color of the Year selection process is very thoughtful and a lot of consideration is given to the color choices. To arrive at the selection each year, Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, leads the team involved in the selection of the Pantone Color of the Year. The color expert team is actively on the lookout for a color they see as ascending and seems to be building in importance… a shade they think has the ability to communicate the color message that best reflects what is taking place in our culture at a particular moment in time. Influences can come from the entertainment industry, travel destinations, lifestyles, fashion, and travel; as well as from the technology, materials, and textures that impact color.

The PANTONE Color of the Year choice is meant to be a reflection of our current mood and what is happening around the world, and it certainly gets everyone talking about color. The impact is broad and spans many industries. From fashion to home goods to cosmetics, many manufacturers are now scrambling to infuse Serenity and Rose Quartz into their product lines… as quickly as possible.

However, introducing new colors into production doesn’t just happen. It’s a complicated process, and it takes a long time. Manufacturers who have a reliable color-managed workflow in place are at a significant advantage because they can respond more quickly than those who do not.

We understand the challenge of staying current with color trends, so we’re sharing five color management tips to help you improve time to market and achieve new colors – like Rose Quartz and Serenity – in production.

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Getting the color right for Black Friday

Black Friday. Not only is it the much anticipated start to holiday shopping, it’s also a day manufacturers have been preparing for all year long.

Whether mass-producing holiday cards, candy canes, plastic toys, or festive clothing, accurate color is a must. Manufacturers can’t ship two of the same toy if they won’t match on the showroom floor, and holiday sweaters that are a shade off will end up in a discount store instead of in a fashion boutique.

Perfection is especially important for brand colors. Who will be left with the cost of wasted time and materials if color doesn’t pass brand owners’ tight tolerances?

Christmas Sweater

Today we’ll look at how color management can help the paper, plastics, textile and glass industries prepare for Black Friday’s shopping mania.

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The PANTONE® Certified Printer™ Program

pantone certified printer program

Accurate color is important to brand owners and print shops alike. Brand owners want to know their specified colors can be reliably produced each and every time, and printers need a fail-proof workflow to consistently achieve those colors without rework and waste.

The PANTONE® Certified Printer™ Program makes it all possible.

PANTONE Certification helps printers establish and maintain effective SOPs and implement benchmark processes, from the ink kitchen through prepress and production. It’s a certification that’s designed to increase the value of a print shop’s investments instead of starting from scratch.

PANTONE Certified Printers can:

  • Achieve accurate color reproduction, for both PANTONE Process and Spot Colors,
  • Enforce quality control in all steps of the production process,
  • Drive consistent color across shifts and locations,
  • Reduce waste,
  • Increase profitability,
  • Market themselves with the PANTONE Certified Printer logo,
  • And best of all, start realizing ROI in 3-6 months!

When bidding for jobs, PANTONE Certified Printers have bragging rights because they know they’re producing the best possible color, day in and day out.

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Color Management in a Print & Packaging Workflow

Working in prepress holds a unique challenge. Even if your color workflow is tight, everything can fall apart if the customer’s file isn’t color managed.

We’ve all seen it. You receive a file that the customer claims is ready to print, yet when you open it on your computer, the colors don’t look right at all. You can’t send it to print without knowing for sure, because you’re the one who will take the hit for wasted time and materials if it’s wrong.

So how do you know if the customer’s file is good to go… or needs to be color corrected?

Knowing how color management works from beginning to end will help you better understand your role in the process and arm you with the knowledge to educate your clients so that future files received reflect the correct color intent.

color management print packaging

The goal of color management is to match color appearance as closely as possible from input to output and between devices. These images demonstrate a workflow without color management (above) and with it (below).


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