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Device How-To

Device How-To

Benefits of Automated Chart Reading

Color management has caused an explosion of opportunities for new and interesting inks and a variety of paper and substrates. Color profiles help ensure that you can maintain accurate color when running jobs with these new applications, but measuring test charts to create these profiles can be difficult to manage in a high-volume production environment.

Automated chart readers take on the burden of measuring all of those test charts, which can have hundreds – even thousands – of patches. Not only do they remove user error from the equation, they allow the operator to work on other tasks while the chart reader is busy at work. They’re consistent and reliable, and make it faster and easier to meet the creative demands of your customers.

Today we’ll look at some of the options for implementing automation into your color-managed prepress workflow.

xrite i1iO automated chart reader

The i1iO can make quick work of this stack of test charts.

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Device How-To

Caring for your Spectrophotometer

X-Rite manufactures and supports color measurement solutions for global markets where color and appearance matter. We build and service each product in an environment that adheres to the highest standards and strictest tolerances. Our lean manufacturing process, Six Sigma mentality, and ISO 9001 and 17025 certifications provide confidence that every device you receive from X-Rite will work exactly as designed.

Today we’ll take a look at what you need to do to protect your investment, from regular cleaning to annual device calibration.

cleaning xrite ivue lenses

Cleaning the lenses of the iVue with an approved cotton swab.

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