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Is it time to add closed-loop automation to your workflow?

Hitting offset lithographic color targets isn’t always fast or easy. The manual process of measuring color bars and making ink key adjustments takes time and opens the door to operator error. Meanwhile, the press is running (and wasting) paper and ink. To achieve accurate and repeatable color, printers need to convert their printing operation to an efficient manufacturing process and drive efficiencies in all phases of their operation. For many, a closed-loop automated solution is the answer.

Closed-loop automates the process by capturing spectral data directly from the press sheet, then automatically updating the ink keys. It cuts down on paper and ink expenses that accumulate when you’re not getting up to color quickly, makes short runs more profitable, and minimizes operator intervention. It’s so much faster and more accurate than a traditional workflow that it pays for itself almost immediately.


Today we’re looking at the options available for a closed-loop solution to help you determine if your printing operation is ready to upgrade to automation.

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Why your Color Might be Wrong on Press: Standards & Ink

In a perfect world, you should be able to put ink in the press and simply run a job. Unfortunately, every year flexo and gravure printing operations waste ink, substrate and press time trying to get color right. Although advancements in technology have made it easier to achieve color accuracy, the variables that affect color still exist.

In this three-part series, we’re sharing over two dozen reasons your color might be wrong on press. If you missed the first article – Instrumentation – check it out first.

Today we’re looking at how your standards and ink can affect final color.

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Looking for increased productivity on press?

As the range of substrates, inks, and printing technologies has expanded, so has the challenge of maintaining color quality. A workflow based on digital standards is the easiest way to achieve accuracy and consistency across shifts and sites, regardless of production requirements. Adding a quality control solution like ColorCert® to your workflow can boost your bottom line even more.

ColorCert provides specific modules focused on each part of the workflow, helping flexo, gravure, and offset printers remove subjectivity, analyze data, and deliver increased productivity for the packaging industry.

Today we’re highlighting how ColorCert is helping UK-based Ultimate Packaging create a more efficient ink kitchen, improve premedia, produce fewer proofs, enhance customer relationships, and achieve an amazing 200% improvement in quality.

ColorCert ScoreCard Dashboard

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ColorCert® 2.6 includes exciting new features

It’s no secret that attractive packaging sells, and marketers around the world are stepping up their game to stay ahead of the competition. Metallic inks, three-dimensional labels, flow wrap packaging… Although enticing for consumers, these enhancements make it even harder for printers to maintain color quality.

ColorCert®: X-Rite Edition can help by simplifying color communication and ensuring color consistency so that finished products meet specifications. It’s an intuitive, customizable, and robust software package that helps print providers manage their supply chain, ink room, and press room from concept through delivery of finished product.

colorcert 2.6, x-rite colorcert

Coveris Burnley packaging was invited by its client, ASDA, to implement ColorCert: X-Rite Edition in an effort to streamline production.

X-Rite just released version 2.6, which includes an updated interface and great new features. Today we’ll look at why ColorCert is the ultimate choice for statistical process control for printers and packaging converters of all sizes.

ColorCert; X-Rite ColorCert 2.6

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X-Rite eXact Scan Receives 2015 InterTech Award

Each year the Printing Industries of America selects the most innovative graphics arts solutions to receive the 2015 InterTech™ Technology Awards. This year, the X-Rite eXactTM spectrophotometer with Scan Option was among the recipients of this prestigious award.

Today we’ll take a look at the top features that make the eXact with Scan Option a star with offset litho, flexo, and digital printers.

X-Rite eXactTM Scan; InterTech Award

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