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Lessons packaging designers can learn by dyeing eggs

It’s been said that everything you need to know you learned in kindergarten. Does this phrase ring true for print and packaging designers?

In the spirit of spring, we attempted to use a simple childhood activity—dyeing eggs—to solve some of the most perplexing color issues facing the packaging designer/printer relationship.

dyeing eggs

Here are three lessons to learn about color in packaging from our annual egg dyeing ritual.

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Color Resources and Learning

Did you know Munsell Color creates custom standards?

No matter the industry, consistency and exacting data are essential to every color quality control program. Whether you’re communicating color, making color decisions, or conducting diagnostics testing based on color, you can rely on Munsell Color standards.

Munsell custom standards help the USDA determine which products pass inspection

These honey, syrup, and molasses standards help the USDA determine which products pass inspection.

Along with its huge library of color standards, Munsell Color can also produce custom physical standards to help you validate your specific colors and processes. Custom Munsell Color standards allow you to specify the color you want, plus determine the correct appearance aspects for reproduction, including texture, gloss, fluorescence, and special effects.

Today we’ll look at all of the custom color standards options that Munsell offers.

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