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Color Workflow Management in the Pressroom

We’ve written a lot about “color workflows” and “color management” on our blog. Today we’re connecting the dots to show you how “color workflow management” can mean big savings in a busy pressroom.


Without color workflow management, you can end up producing something you think is right, but is completely wrong in the end.

Especially in the printing industry, checking color quality at multiple steps along the way is the key to ensuring you’re on the right track. Color workflow management closes the gap between users, specifications, and color to ensure good quality.

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Brand Color

Brand Color Lessons from an FMCG Company

What happens when you have more than 2,000 brand colors to manage across a complex global packaging supply chain? Things get complicated!

Brand Color on Shelf

Although it may seem easier to create a new color than to dig through databases or binders of color drawdowns to find the closest match, the problem comes later when you’re faced with a huge, unmanageable library.

One of our clients, a well-known fast-moving consumer packaged goods (FMCG) company, understands how easily things can get out of control. They were not only battling time and cost inefficiencies by using a proprietary color library, they lacked standardization for creating, communicating and managing brand colors.

Production was expensive and quality was suffering. They knew things had to change, but they didn’t know where to start. That’s where we came in.

Today we’re sharing their incredible success story.

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Understanding PantoneLIVE Master & Dependent Standards

PantoneLIVE SunChemical LogoIf ensuring color consistency is part of your job description, you’ll want to learn more about PantoneLIVE. Our customers report that it helps them get products to market an average of four times faster!

PantoneLIVE is an end-to-end, digital color communication ecosystem that helps everyone involved in a packaging workflow visualize and communicate color. It shows which colors are achievable, and which are not, across everything from flexible packaging to corrugated board. And, since the digital color data is stored in a secure cloud database, everyone from brand owners through designers and production managers can reference the same digital color data to make informed decisions.

From concept…to production!

From concept…to production!

To fully understand how PantoneLIVE works, you need to know the difference between Master and Dependent Standards… our topic for today.

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Industry 4.0: What Commercial Printers Need to Know

If you’re a commercial printer who wants to improve color quality and consistency and stay current on industry trends, you need to be aware of Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 can mean different things to different people, but it generally refers to the fourth industrial revolution, which incorporates trends in automation, data exchange, smart systems, and the Internet of Things.

Image courtesy of Christoph Roser at

Today I’ll explain what Industry 4.0 means for commercial printers.

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Fast Formulation is Key to Producing Color of the Year

The PANTONE Color of the Year announcement is always exciting. Not only does it set the stage for upcoming trends, it also provides brand owners and designers critical guidance for marketing and product development.

Over the next few weeks, designers everywhere will be sharing their plans for PANTONE’S 2017 Color of the Year choice, 15-0343 Greenery. However, those who are charged with producing products and packaging know trending colors don’t “just happen.” It takes time and effort to incorporate these trending colors into new products.

Whether you work in paints, plastics, textiles, or printing, today’s blog shares formulation solutions that will help you be first to market with trending colors such as PANTONE Greenery.

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Looking for increased productivity on press?

As the range of substrates, inks, and printing technologies has expanded, so has the challenge of maintaining color quality. A workflow based on digital standards is the easiest way to achieve accuracy and consistency across shifts and sites, regardless of production requirements. Adding a quality control solution like ColorCert® to your workflow can boost your bottom line even more.

ColorCert provides specific modules focused on each part of the workflow, helping flexo, gravure, and offset printers remove subjectivity, analyze data, and deliver increased productivity for the packaging industry.

Today we’re highlighting how ColorCert is helping UK-based Ultimate Packaging create a more efficient ink kitchen, improve premedia, produce fewer proofs, enhance customer relationships, and achieve an amazing 200% improvement in quality.

ColorCert ScoreCard Dashboard

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Curious what you missed at HOW Design LIVE?

X-Rite Pantone® brings together the art and science of color to empower brands and packaging converters to deliver on design and color intent for their packaging. Last week we were in Atlanta at HOW Design LIVE 2016, introducing a few new tools that can help designers achieve color fidelity.

HOW is a more than just a conference for designers and brands – it’s an inspiration-packed, global creative gathering of the industry’s best. This made it the best place for us to showcase PantoneLIVE Cloud, PantoneLIVE Designer, Digital Drawdowns and Digital Tolerances Guides.

The steps of a typical printing process introduce a common and gradual change or shift in a color as it passes from person to process. PantoneLIVE simply removes the opportunity for color drift by delivering digital color data directly from the source, giving you immediate color fidelity.

The steps of a typical printing process introduce a common and gradual change or shift in a color as it passes from person to process. PantoneLIVE simply removes the opportunity for color drift by delivering digital color data directly from the source, giving you immediate color fidelity.

In case you missed us at HOW, here’s “how” our new solutions can help you achieve accurate color and get to market faster with fewer proofing and approval cycles.

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Color Management

Color Accuracy and Consistency: A Balancing Act

When all of final production packaging comes together on the store shelf, it’s a brand’s moment of truth. Do the stand-up pouches, overwraps, and corrugated POP displays match? How close is the color to its standard?

We know you spend so much time and money designing, proofing, sampling, printing, and shipping… so where does the color go wrong? Is it an issue with accuracy, consistency, or both?

Packaging on Shelf

Package designs come together on the shelf. Here you see pouches, labels, cartons, and corrugated with visual inconsistencies—these are issues that can be overcome.

Today we’ll look at some of the key underlying issues in a color workflow so you can take corrective action with suppliers and get your brand color right, the first time.

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The Color Management Group can help you get color right

The Color Management Group is a blend of certified consultants and resellers who provide products and services to many industries around the world, including graphic arts, photography, textile, and printing and packaging. CMG members have years of experience and a long list of industry certifications. They also have a reputation for providing fast and effective solutions to help businesses of any size implement color management, process control, and standardization.

The Color Management Group was with us at Color ’15, and we had the chance to sit down with Lida Jalali Marschke, the owner and founder. Here’s what she had to say about the Color Management Group, the industries they serve, and how to become a member.

the color management group founder and owner

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Color Management

The impact of trending colors for manufacturers

Pantone®, an X-Rite company, recently announced a pair of complementary shades as its 2016 Color of the Year:  PANTONE 15-3919 Serenity and PANTONE 13-1520 Rose Quartz.

pantone; color of the year; rose quartz; serenity; xrite pantone; color of the year 2016

The PANTONE Color of the Year announcement is always exciting because it sets the stage for upcoming trends. The Color of the Year selection process is very thoughtful and a lot of consideration is given to the color choices. To arrive at the selection each year, Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, leads the team involved in the selection of the Pantone Color of the Year. The color expert team is actively on the lookout for a color they see as ascending and seems to be building in importance… a shade they think has the ability to communicate the color message that best reflects what is taking place in our culture at a particular moment in time. Influences can come from the entertainment industry, travel destinations, lifestyles, fashion, and travel; as well as from the technology, materials, and textures that impact color.

The PANTONE Color of the Year choice is meant to be a reflection of our current mood and what is happening around the world, and it certainly gets everyone talking about color. The impact is broad and spans many industries. From fashion to home goods to cosmetics, many manufacturers are now scrambling to infuse Serenity and Rose Quartz into their product lines… as quickly as possible.

However, introducing new colors into production doesn’t just happen. It’s a complicated process, and it takes a long time. Manufacturers who have a reliable color-managed workflow in place are at a significant advantage because they can respond more quickly than those who do not.

We understand the challenge of staying current with color trends, so we’re sharing five color management tips to help you improve time to market and achieve new colors – like Rose Quartz and Serenity – in production.

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